Tower & Reformer Classes

These exciting small group classes combine matwork and resistance work with tower exercises utilizing springs and bars.

These classes have countless benefits including:

  • Long, lean total body muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and postural correction
  • Core strength, balance, and body awareness 

Class Descriptions

TOWER CLASS (Beginner Level)

This fun series of group lessons will get you familiar with some of the exciting apparatuses in our studio. Training on the equipment will give you the ultimate authentic Pilates experience!

TOWER CLASS (Intermediate Level)

The Tower workout requires a greater level of control and provides deeper flexibility and strength. Join this class at your current Mat class level. This class will challenge the fluidity and tempo of your Mat work.


Reformers are Pilates machines that use variable spring resistance to assist and challenge the body. It’s the variable resistance that the Reformer provides which makes it so unique and is why it’s suitable for every level of ability.

Tower Class (1)
Tower Class Single
  • Single Class
  • 50 Minute Session
Tower Class 5 Pack
  • 5 Sessions
  • 50 Minute Sessions
Tower Class 10 Pack
  • 10 Sessions
  • 50 Minute Sessions
Reformer Single
  • Single Session
  • 50 Minute Session
Reformer 5 Pack
  • 5 Sessions
  • 50 Minute Sessions
Reformer 10 Pack
  • 10 Sessions
  • 50 Minute Sessions

Class Prerequisite for Intermediate Tower Classes: Must Complete 3 Private Lessons or Beginner Tower Class
Expiration on Tower Class packages 6-months from purchase date.

Please visit our Studio Policies page for important information on payments, and cancellations